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Nowadays, Project Managers live in a highly dynamic world and must comply with efficiency standards while meeting requirements from many different kinds of stakeholders simultaneously. In this modern world, the Project Manager needs a software tool, which enables him to quickly enter in Project Requirements and then immediately visualize all relevant Project Data, as well as the Project Overview in common Office-Tools.


Classically, the Project Manager planned and organized his project based on "tasks". Nowadays, officers focus on project goals, called requirements, and organize their projects based on such requirements. Given the usual connections between them, said requirements must be approved and verified by the stakeholders. Considering that, during the course of the project and even upon their successful completion, requirements usually undergo substantial changes. This tool must be capable to provide a reliable and fast visualization of the development and forecast of projects.

The goal of CeloMatrix is to provide an efficient Requirement Management Tool to speed up the planning and organization of the modern Project Manager, thus enabling him to reach practical and quick solutions for drafting the professional documentation concerning his projects.
As an example, CeloMatrix can be applied to three typical project-areas, as follows:


As an example, CeloMatrix can be applied on following three typical project-areas:




New products or new product fabrications arise from Development Projects. These projects are normally undertaken by Project Managers, who are engineers. However, said projects are usually started by marketing or business managers, after a careful analysis of the user and market needs. In addition, governmental authorities issue further requirements described at e.g. engineering standards. All those business and product-specific requirements must be complied with and verified during a Development Project.



Nowadays, not only Business Managers, but also other Officers at a company may carry out strategical and relevant projects, in order to achieve their goals and meet the most different requirements. These can be represented by an increase of sales or by an improvement of processing performance of any kind. Managers define requirements and ways of how to measure those requirements. Like any other Project Manager, these officers aim to achieve a successful verification of all requirements at the completion of their Strategy Projects.




or Scientific Projects

Efficient consultants and scientists usually follow the same working technique: they define "Hypotheses" and work hard to prove them. A "Hypotheses" can be a new marketing strategy or an engineering technique. Consultants and scientists define a number of requirements, which must be successfully verified in order to classify the hypotheses as a proven "Thesis". Such requirements are often specified as questions, queries or experiments, that gather all the necessary data to ground future answers. Like any other Project Manager, both consultants and scientists look for answers that may be able to fit the necessary requirements.

CeloMatrix provides an orientation for Project Managers during the process of approval and verification of all requirements, in accordance with a correct project-development order. In the field of engineering, this order is known as V-curve, and is expected to ensure that the original User or Market Needs are successfully confirmed at the project completion. CeloMatrix displays the V-Curve as a Project-Overview at any project phase, being thus a helpful tool for the visualization of the project current status, and for the forecast of the remaining part of the project, as well. CeloMatrix links functional requirements to use cases, allowing the manager to define actors, functions and project-specific parameters. The software enables the Project Manager to determine parameter values, not only for each use-case step, but also for each requirement, actor or use case itself.

Furthermore, CeloMatrix can be embedded in Microsoft Office Tools, such as PowerPoint, Excel or Word, enabling Project Managers to quickly create project specifications, test protocols, project presentations and much more...

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